Monday, June 16, 2014

Lady Penelope in the Weekly News

Here's an interesting item I picked up a few weeks ago, a Lady Penelope Weekly News Lift-Out Mini Magazine. It's 16 pages in length, although my copy is missing the centre spread, and is full-colour with reprinted strips illustrated by Frank Langford. The front cover is a reprint from Lady Penelope #2, seen below.

It was presented in the New Zealand Weekly News in early 1967 (there is a competition on the back page with a due date of 31st May 1967), which was shortly after when Lady Penelope comic was launched. The New Zealand Weekly News ran from 6th January 1965 - 23rd August 1971, so the dates match up.

I have no idea if this was reproduced with permission; in fact I've very little information at all. So far all the information I have on the comic comes from my own copy, particularly the advert above. I was intending to go to Auckland library and have a look at the collection there to get more information from the Weekly News itself, but they only hold copies dated 6th January 1969 - 28th December 1970, which is too late for this comic.

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