Friday, December 6, 2013

Lunar Launcher and Splashdown Capsule

Alongside the Instant Disguise Kit another free gift was given away with Whizzer and Chips in the February of 1970. This gift was given away the week before the Disguise Kit and was called 'The Lunar Launched and Splashdown Capsule'! As you can see above, both Sid and Slippy can be seen testing it out, as well as a group of "readers".

A small box of instructions appeared over the page, alongside a short message from the Editor.

Shiner also got up to an adventure with the toy over on the front cover of Chips. 

And here is what the free gift looked like. Quite a nice looking thing it is too, something I wouldn't mind getting today with the Beano.

And whilst we're on the topic, I thought that the Shiner strip above looked familiar. Or at least - one of the panels did. Turns out that the 4th and 5th boxes had been used to create the cover of a Chips coming library over a decade and a half later!


Kid said...

I remember having that free gift at the time. Wish I had it now.

George Shiers said...

That can be your next purchase then - I'm sure one will turn up on Ebay or somewhere like that.