Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jet Annual 1973

There was no Christmas issue of Jet because the comic folded before it was able to reach the December of 1971 so the only Jet comic a child was likely to receive on Christmas morning was the one and only Jet annual, would have found its way in stockings and under trees on the Christmas day of 1972 (the annual was dated 1973).

I won't be showing any adventure strips from the annual due to their length but I will show you the two-page Faceache strip illustrated by Ken Reid.

I'll also show the four-page Kids Of Stalag 41 strip. In the weekly this strip was normally illustrated by Tony Goffe (except in issue 1) but he isn't the artist here I don't think, but is instead the work of a "ghost artist" trying to imitate his style (even though Tony himself was told to imitate the style of Leo Baxendale).

I'd recommend trying to pick up a copy of this annual if you can. Although it's not the easiest annual to find there are some good strips in there, one or two with festive themes. A good buy if you can come across it at a good price.


Lew Stringer said...

I'm not sure if Tony Goffe was trying to imitate Leo Baxendale, as Mike Lacey was the original artist of the Stalag strip.

George Shiers said...

That first strip by Mike Lacey did look as though he was drawing it in the style of Leo Baxendale though, so I would have thought that Tony was told to try the same style?

Kid said...

Interesting stuff, George. You may like to read my own post about this Annual (if you haven't already) at: http://kidr77.blogspot.com/2012/07/jet-it-disappeared-almost-as-fast-as-it.html

George Shiers said...

No - I hadn't yet seen that Kid. Thanks for sharing.