Friday, February 15, 2013

The Latest Compal Comics Auctions (Feb 2013)

So much fantastic detail in every panel!

The latest Compal Comics auctions have gone online, and the catalogue features some cracking stuff! One of the highlights for me is the original artwork by Denis McLoughlin, who, as I said in my previous post, is my favourite adventure strip artist. The auction is for a Saber page, but with an estimate of £200 - £250, it's sadly a long way out of what I can afford!

The first issue of Happy Days is also in there, although not in as good condition as the one that was on Ebay in 2010, it still has a good estimate of £70 - £100.

Cover art by Roy Wilson.
There are a lot of early Dandy comics up for grabs, including the very first issue at lot #20!

There is a collection of Beano covers printer proofs for sale too, starting with issue #18.

An interesting piece is an Eagle booklet called The Baden Powell Story, which collects the Baden Powell stories which appeared on the comic's back cover in 1954. It can be found at lot #84 with an estimate of £40 - £60.

A full set of 32 Rocket comics can be found at lot #91, and are expected to sell for a whopping £150 - £200! 

Another cool auction which I'd definitely like (but again can't afford) is the complete year of Wham for 1965. It is expected to sell for £150 - £200.

The promotional edition of Cheeky, in it's original folder with the free gifts for issue one and two is available at lot #151, with an estimate of £120 - £150.

The next-but-one auction has an interesting piece of comic history - a mock-up version of Dinkie #1. The interesting part is that the comic was originally going to be called Bonnie, but this version was never published.

Lot #159 featured some original cover artwork for Shiver and Shake, the same artwork that was recently featured on Irmantas' blog Kazoop!

And the final auction is given to the very first issue of Viz, which is expected to go for £150 - £200.

This is just some of the many auctions they have (there are over 150 in the British section!), so be sure to check it out - they're always interesting to browse through!

The latest Phil-Comics auctions are currently being uploaded, so I may cover them here when they're all up.


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