Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Problems With The Digital Dandy

Since my recent article that appeared in the second issue of Atomic Comic (which can be found here), I have begun to experience some problems with the digital Dandy. Whereas most of issue seven ran smoothly, the Bananaman strip didn't. At first, the title panel was too big to fit on the screen, that I wouldn't be able to even start reading! Then, when I finally got it to start, it crashed after about 3 panels. (I should add that over on Twitter, Martin Bazley sent me a screenshot of exactly the same page.)

Then, when it finally started to work, it only ran for a few panels, before the arrow to move to the next panel failed to appear!

No arrow to move to the next panel.

Now don't get me wrong - I love the digital Dandy, but I'm beginning to see why people dropped it when it went online, as they had this problem constantly. However, this has only happened to me once, so hopefully the team at Dandy HQ will be able to solve the matter soon!

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