Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Inside! - with Whizzer and Chips!

Above is the very first issue of Whizzer and Chips, which came with 'Twelve Super Stickers'! Well, thanks to Steven Adamson who emailed me recently, I can share them with you today! Here they are for, as far as I'm aware, the first time on the net where they are all readable!

Issue two came with a free 'Flick Book'. On it it read 'Story 1', but as far as I'm aware this was the only Flick Book they made (for Whizzer and Chips anyway).
Update: Well, the mystery of 'Story 1' has been solved! On the back there was story two - which can be seen underneath!

And finally, because issue 3 was the first fireworks issue, they decided to throw in a gift which Fleetway had used many times before - a guy fawkes mask! 

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Robert said...

Waitaminute... Sid's Snake in Chips??? Surely some mistake... He's like one of those premier league footballers who betrays his old team for greener pastures elsewhere (i.e. front cover of Whizzer).

Peter Gray said...

Great seeing the stickers in detail.quite funny the Bart Simpson saying I didn't do it was on one of them..also be kind to your bobby!!

Sid and Slippy did the greatest raid ever and stopped Shiner coming out in issue 1..well thats my take on it:)

George Shiers said...

'Tis true, I'm afraid. Our beloved Whizz-Kid leader (if you are a Whizz-kid - any Chip-ites here?) was originally a Chip-ite! Maybe him moving to Whizzer was the greatest raid ever?

My favourite sticker is 'My Teachers Learnt Me All I No'!

If your intrested in free gifts I've got quite a few more that will be gradually uploaded onto the website! :)