Friday, April 20, 2012

Fleetway Origins - The Ossies

The Ossies, as it's name suggests, is a comic strip all about a bunch of crazy people who lived in a stereotypical town in Australia! Illustrated by Trevor Metcalfe, the artist behind Sweet Tooth, Junior Rotter and Jasper the Grasper (after Ken Reid left),  The Ozzies began in the Chips section of Whizzer and Chips in issue dated January 21st 1989. Dingo Dog is the main character for the first episode, and he takes us round the tiwn introducing us to all the different characters who are to appear in the stories. Often, it would be continued into the following week, and sometimes one story would end and another begin in the same episode - just to keep you interested!

However, as the weeks progressed, less and less of the characters started to appear, and eventually it was focused on two main characters - Norm and Rick.

However, by early 1990 The Ossies had been reduced from two pages to just one, and by June of that year, it was gone.


Harry Rickard said...

Looked awful. I remember reading it in its later years in my old annuals but it was still very weak.

George Shiers said...

I definatly preffered it when there were more characters involved than in the later days when it was just the two trouble makers Norm and Rick.

I looks like many people disliked it because it only had a short(ish) run.