Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools! - Fighter

As I'm sure many of you guessed, yesterday's post about the rare and forgotten 1963 comic called Fighter, it was actually an April Fool, put together by myself and Harry Rickard!

Seen at the top of the post is the original cover design for the 1st April edition, which we decided was way to bright. We then dulled it down some more, and Harry sent it to me, along with the others, to write a fake history on and change the white areas to a duller grey. I decided to dull down all the colours, and the final design can be seen above.

As for the images, they came from several different comics. The cover image for the 1st April came from Battle comic dated 7th May 1983, the 29th April cover from Look And Learn (Incorporating Ranger Magazine) No. 351, dated 5th October 1984. The cover image for the 'tattier' May issue came from a book entitled Collins' Adventure Annual. I'm not sure of the date, but a messsage written in pencil inside the book says "Xmas 1931", meaning that it could have been issued in 1930 (theres a scan of the full cover above). The joke came from Illustrated Chips #2894, dated August 12th 1950. The space adventure story came from the first issue of an Australian comic called Outer Space, which I know little about. 

There's been one or two other pranks going on in the world of comics, but I won't say anything about them until they're revealed! 

Don't worry though, from now on all posts here will be genuine - well, at least for the next year! ;D

And whilst your at it, why not check out Harry Rickard's blog -

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