Friday, April 8, 2011

WHOOPEE! 24th March '79!

Possibly one of my favorite comics in my collection is the one pictured above. I quite like the paper quality (it feels the same as my Busters from early 1960...), and the contents is brilliant!?! Sweeny Toddler (as always) is causing havoc, this time with a bath! I can't quite tell if that's Tom Paterson art or Leo Baxendale. My guess is Leo.

Inside, the Bumpkin Billionaires come up with another money losing scheme, which backfires yet again! This time it's with art, and people buy a load of rubbish, thinking that it's good, because the Bumpkins always make a profit. Art by Mike Lacey, I think.

Further on in the comic, a Blabbermouth story drawn by Terry Bave. To save money, a cinema gets blabbermouth to watch a film and then go and talk or "blab" about it. All goes well until......... (see box below).Also, I read my first Gal Capone story in this issue, surely this is the same as Pansy Potter?? A good story, none the less! I'm not quite sure why people are trying to kill her.

And so, to round off a brilliant comic, here's a list of the 800 winners of the Corgi Car competition, which takes up the centre pages!!

Also, I recently bought a "gem" off eBay, the last issue of Big one comic! A post about it will be coming soon - so stay tuned!

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