Saturday, April 9, 2011

This weeks Dandy #3529

Dandy #3529 is out now pals, and as usual it's £1.50! Unfortunatly, after a two week break, Harry Hill is on the cover again. His joke here is so old and corny, crocodile - snap, geddit!?!? This week is your last chance to vote for a new character. If you're reading this, you probably have internet access, so head on over to to vote now! If you don't have internet access, then, erm... how did you get this? ( Vote for Harry's Hippo or daredevil dad!)

Lew Stringer's Kid Cops are back! (Shouldn't it be Kid Kops?) Grassy Noel is cool, but only appears three times in this issue! (Save for the title box...) No news on Postie Prat though, maybe a couple of months. Andy Fanton's Grampire and Justin Beaver start in this issue as well. Justin Beaver is written and drawn by Stu Munro. Here's a box from the first story:

Overall, I quite enjoyed this issue, with Korky the kat in a dustbin in the last panel of Justin Beaver and Desperate Dan moving the town instead of his chair, but there could be one or two improvments.

1.Harry Hill on the cover? I don't think so. Maybe they should put a comic strip there (good to see they've put one on the back cover) or a different comic character.

2.The colouring on Justin beaver isn't exactly to die for, wonder how he did it...

And finally, why is there TWO bananaman strips this week? Didn't they want to make the story go into a third week. It's a good thing to do that, it would make kids (and adults) want to buy it.

Although I already knew, next weeks issue is a 44 page bumber special and comes with some gnashing teeth (and it's only £1 more!). I'm looking foreward to Space Dogz as well.


WizzKid97 said...

Great issue this week, very funny and NO ADVERTS!

1) I agree, I liked comic strips on the front, a lot better then a boring picture...

2) Apparently the first one was done in upper-case so Stu had to fix it but when he changed the lettering the comic strip went all blurred and weird... Next week's will be fine though... Also is he 17, how do you know... :/

3) Nah, it was good using both Bananaman strips to get that bad story out of the way, it was basically the same story as before in a Bananaman drew by Steve Bright called Wardrobe Malfunction. Still I like the idea of continued episodes, I hope next week Bananaman is a two pager like it was in the previous 44 pagers... :)

George Shiers said...

I found out he was 17 thanks to Andy Fantons blog... that was intresting, loooking foreward to the next issue then.

Fanton said...

Ha, Stu will be delighted to know he's 17 - what I actually said is he's my friend of 17 years, not that he's 17 years old! He's quite a bit older ;)

George Shiers said...

haha! thanks Andy!

Stu Munro said...

Quite right, I'm 17 & a half. Ho ho. Glad you liked the comic though George, stick with it, the art/colouring gets better.

- Stu