Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Dandy has 51 gifts! (Updated)

This weeks Dandy, #3531, has 51 free gifts, if you count every single sticker as a free gift. The other gift is a mystery, I got a water pistol (Hurrah!), was that the mystery free gift, or are there others?Harry Hill's story this week is all about apples, cramming as many apple jokes as you can into one story! How many did you count (we spotted 6)! Amazing artwork by Nigel Parkinson!After Bone-o was launched last week, a lot of people are wondering who drew it. Well, this weeks story was signed, revealing that it is drawn by:I was really looking forewards to this weeks Arena of Awesome story, after all, it had so much advertising. But, after all that, it was a let down! In my opinion. So, I decided to spoil it for you and show you part of the last box! Well, here it is!And for this week only, 3 New 'shorts' were inside! Springwatch and Mad March hare by Andy Fanton, and The Eggheads by Nigel Auchterlounie!
Farmula one ends this week to be replaced by, I'm not sure, possibly Thor? As usual, another fantastic Justin Beaver - I couldn't spot Korky this time Stu, but is that Odd ball from Whizzer and Chips and Brassneck in box 8? And Dave the squirrel makes another appearence in George vs Dargon! Oh, and yes, that was me who sent that photo to the mailbag!


Well, it's now been confirmed! There were many different free gifts, including a Marvo the wonder chicken gun and a Xtreme Splatapult. Also, a hidden detail I didn't notice - Brassneck is also hiding somewhere in one of Andy Fanton's comic strips.


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