Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Dandy day again!

Hooray! It's Dandy day! And issue #3526 (which DOESN'T have a flap) is out! Are those sheep in the background of the front cover drawn by Jamie Smart? They don't look like Nigel Parkinson's art but I could be wrong! It's week three in the strictly come laughing*, and the stories are (according to thingummyblob) feeling the pressure. To be honest, I'm a fan of Fanton's new take on Harry and his Hippo (originally drawn by Ken H. Harrison) and Daredevil Dad. Harry and his Hippo this week includes another classic character - Bully Beef and Chips! I'm not a huge fan of Phil's Finger or Tag Tastic Team. What about you? Go to to cast your vote! Unfortunatly Mr Meecher the uncool teacher has no gone (Flop gear was supposed to go with it, but still appears in this issue). Which is a real shame to me as I really enjoyed it. It's been replaced by Farm-ula one, where animals race against each other in cars. I didn't see disaster Chef either...

As I said in my previous blog about the Dandy, the little celebrities are back, this week it's Chris Evans. I'm not going to reveal too much, but here's one box, drawn by Nigel Parkinson. As you can tell, Chris names as many shows as he can in his sentances!Andy Fanton has sneaked in another little thing into Boo this week (in my last but one blog, I mentioned that he sneaked in carrotty kid). This time it's the advertisment for George vs Dragon, disguised as a movie poster. Keep a look out for anything else he does.

*The Dandy promises it has not heard of a program called strictly come dancing.


Anonymous said...

Whoever was the colourer for this one kept on not coulring the chin!

George Shiers said...

I think it was H.H. She usually works with Nigel.