Friday, March 11, 2011

Carrotty Kid in the Dandy??

He's back? But we never saw him... did we? Actually, he is back, online (as I wrote about in the previous blog, but you can just click here because I'm nice), AND in the Dandy!Yep, Andy Fanton brought back Carrotty Kid for a so far one off appearence in #3522. The reason that I'm writing this now and not back then is because, to be honest, I din't notice. But I wonder how many people did... So where was he? Read the comic strip below...
Now, just in case for some reason you missed Dandy #3522, I've scanned in the Boo from that issue and uploaded it here. Hopefully you can spot him now! If not, try looking next to the baby in boxes two and five! But don't stop there! Eagle eyed readers will notice that Marley's other cuddly toy is the Dragon from George vs Dragon!
Will Andy do this again? Only time (and Fanton) can tell!

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