Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have a Beano Birthday!

I have been getting some comments on why I always write about new Dandy comics, but not Beano's. The reason is, I never seem to get them on time! I haven't yet recieved issue 3576. #3577 is Dennis' 60th Birthday! (I read about it over on Lew Stringer's blog yesterday - here) and Dennis gets a special 10 page biography. But of course, the retro beano isn't in this issue! Dennis was created and drawn by David (or Davey) Law up until his sudden death in '71 - his death isn't mentioned in the comic however. The issue features the last Dennis drawn by Law. David Sutherland drew it until'95, then David (antoher David!) Parkins,and now Nigel Parkinson, Jim Hansen and Barrie Appleby.Make sure you pick up this weeks Beano: £1.35.

UPDATE: Many of the facts are wrong! There are also many spelling mistakes. (Info from here.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the beano, george - make sure you do more!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the image of dennis with elastic from thanks?

George Shiers said...

1956 beano annual