Monday, April 11, 2016

Free with Shiver and Shake

Shiver and Shake is a much loved title among collectors. I've always found copies to be scarcer than similar comics of the time, probably due to lower sales back in the day, but a few years ago I was lucky enough to come across a near complete stack of them and they were mine without hesitation.

When the first issue came out on 10th March 1973 it was clear that this new comic, subtitled "two comics in one-double the fun", took inspiration from the hugely popular Whizzer and Chips. It claimed that "Shake was inside Shiver", the idea being that you could seperate the comic into two - two comics for the price of one. For me, Shiver and Shake didn't feel as free as Whizzer and Chips did, as its characters seemed forced to fit a formula, but I still enjoy the comic and I know a lot of people actually prefer it to its more successful counterpart. Each to their own I suppose, but perhaps readers of the '70's felt the same way as me, because the final issue, #79, came out only a year and a half later on Monday 5th October 1974. 

Back to the topic of this post, the free gifts. Only three proper gifts were given away with the comic, all of them right at the start to help launch the paper. The first issue was presented with a free practical joke. "Free practical joke inside... which one will you get?" read the strapline, followed by a picture of the four gifts a reader might get. These were a joke chocolate biscuit, a trick stick of liquorice, a fake pencil and a plastic spoon with a hole in it. These, above an advert for next week's gift, were shown on page 15.

Which brings us on nicely to the second free gift - a "super spooky screamer". An annoying gift for parents no doubt, as the idea was for kids to blow into the toy to produce a loud noise. This was by no means unique to Shiver and Shake as a few years later Krazy comic would repeat the idea in the form of the 'Top Pop Hummer', as demonstrated by Cheeky on the front cover. Similar toys were given away with other Fleetway comics around this time too. I've misplaced my copy, so I've borrowed this scan from Peter Gray's site.

The gift had to be assembled by the reader, and instructions were provided inside, above an advert for the free "glow fun stickers" that were to be presented in the following issue. 

There were, I think, four sets of stickers. At least, that is what the advertisement in issue two would have you believe, but I have never seen a single set either photographed or for sale. I did, however, manage to find this very poor quality image from what appears to be an expired eBay auction, but even this only shows one sticker. If anybody does have any, please do send photos my way!

Now, when I say only three "proper" gifts were given away, that is because I don't refer to a pull-out as a "proper gift". None-the-less, I shall cover them in this post for the sake of completeness. To celebrate Shiver and Shake's first birthday the 9th March 1974 issue came with part one of 'Frankie Stein's Mini Monster Comic Book'. The instructions were to remove the centre four pages from the comic and cut and fold them to produce an eight page booklet. This was just the first part, readers had to buy the following three issues in order to complete the booklet. 

Even in the comics dying months, no more gifts were given away to help the failing paper. Shiver and Shake would merge into Whoopee in October, where its name would remain for another year. The holiday specials and annuals would do better, the former lasting until 1980 and the latter through until 1986, well after the weekly was long forgotten.  

Of course, for those of you who want to read more on Shiver and Shake, Irmantas covered absolutely everything to do with the title a few years ago over on his excellent blog Kazoop. Here's the first post:


Kid said...

I remember buying S&S when it first came out back in 1973. If I recall correctly, it was in the same week that I saw Live & Let Die. I also recall #2's 'super screamer', because a pal got one after seeing the one I'd got that morning, and he ran around a graveyard (in the old village part of my town) blowing it, trying to scare people. I've got a book that collects all the Frankie Stein strips from S&S, but I wish I'd kept the comics.

If you look at the back cover of the (un-numbered) 21st issue, you'll see my 'Creepy Creations' submission, as enhanced by Ken Reid. I'm convinced that Ken didn't completely redraw my entry, because it still has little mistakes I'd inadvertently drawn, which Ken would surely have corrected had he redrawn it from scratch. I remember drawing the pic at my grandparents' house on our Sunday visit, the day after I'd bought #1. It was sent on the Monday, but not knowing how long comics were produced in advance, I thought it had been rejected when it hadn't appeared after several weeks. Imagine my surprise when I received a letter and postal order, letting me know that my entry would be in the forthcoming issue.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday.

George Shiers said...

I imagine the 'super screamer' must have been terribly annoying to anybody but the owner after five minutes.

That Ken Reid Creepy Creation must have been great - what an honour! I'm sure I remember seeing it on your blog a few years back actually. Great stuff.

Irmantas said...

Just a quick mention that you can find all you want to know about the title on my KAZOOP!! blog where I have covered the title extensively - weeklies, specials, annuals and every single character/feature - they all received detailed dedicated posts of their own :)

George Shiers said...

Hadn't forgotten about that of course! I've added a link to your first post.