Sunday, April 3, 2016

Drive - The Comics

As an overly enthusiastic fan of Drive, both James Sallis' addictive 2004 novel and Nicholas Winding Refn's dazzling 2011 film adaptation, I was thrilled to learn of the release of a comic book series. Now I don't normally go in for American comic books, they simply aren't my choice or style of literature, but for once I had to make an exception. 

Written by Michael Bendetto, Drive is an excellent story that transitions well into the comic book medium. The accompanying artwork by Antonio Fuso is by no means poor, but I have to credit Jason Lewis, whose outstanding colouring skills really give the comic its unique, almost euphoric, feel. 

I have nothing but praise for the Drive comic series; the team behind it has perfectly encapsulated the grittiness and thrill of the novel, whilst retaining the glowing neo-noir cinematography of the film. 

Each issue of the four part series costs $3.99, and can be purchased now from any nearby comic book store. 

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