Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tiny Tycoon in Whoopeetown

Crossovers between characters aren't a rare occurrence in British comics; I've shown a number of them on this blog. It is rare, however, for a character to cross into a companion comic published by the same company. Sure, the Beano and Dandy characters have done it a few of times, but I can think of only a handful of times it has appeared in an IPC comic, one such time being this one from 1975, when Tiny Tycoon, a resident of the Whizzer half of Whizzer and Chips, walked into Whoopeetown, right up to the front door of Bumpkin Manor! Here is the appearance in full; the art is supplied by Tom Williams.

Should you wish to buy yourself a copy of this issue, here is the front cover to look out for - dated 21st June 1975.


Irmantas said...

A couple of interesting character cross-overs can be found in Scream Inn: Timothy Tester of Whizzer and Chips visited Scream Inn in Shiver and Shake dated 2nd March 1974 and perhaps more interestingly, I. Spy from DCT’s Sparky dropped by in the 26th October, 1974 edition of Whoopee! and Shiver & Shake.

George Shiers said...

Wow - an inter-companies crossover! I've never heard of such a thing before - any chance that you could post it on your blog?

Irmantas said...

An interesting example indeed. He wasn’t explicitly named as I.Spy in Whoopee! but it was unmistakably him, drawn by Brian Walker who also drew the character in Sparky after Les Barton quit. I would gladly post he episode on my blog but I try to keep things organised there so it would have to wait until I do an article on the Whoopee! run of Scream Inn, which won’t happen soon. I can send you scans if you like and you can use them for a post on your blog.

Kid said...

Crossovers 'of a sort' even occurred in the Power Comics. The Humbugs (renamed The Terrible Twins in later reprints) refer to The Fantastic Four, even copying The Thing and The Invisible Girl (in Wham!), and Don Starr (I think) in Terrific wishes he had Spider-Man's spider-sense. And I'm sure Batman and Robin (who were appearing on the front cover) appeared in a Charlie's Choice strip in Smash! Okay, perhaps not quite the same thing, but nearly.

George Shiers said...

When you get the time I'd be very interested in seeing the Scream Inn strip. Please email it to me and I'll share it on my blog :)

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