Sunday, October 20, 2013

Faction #2

I finally got around to buying and reading the second issue of Faction and I have to say - it was worth the wait (even if it only feels like yesterday when I was buying the first issue)! Issue two is bigger than issue one - 21 pages bigger (a grand 90 pages in total), and costs $5 more (priced at $24.95NZD) but is well worth it!

Inside there's heaps of good stuff, my personal favourite strip this time is James Squires' untitled two-page space strip, which is about an astronaut left behind on a planet (and isn't the only space strip in the comic, as Ectype by Damon Keen is the other, and is also a fascinating read).

I also particularly like Saurian Era by Cory Mathis, the artwork is good and it also reminds me of The Pirates Of Pangaea in The Phoenix.

All in all, the Faction team has turned out yet another masterpiece, flawless from top to bottom. Faction is a joy to behold, and be holding. It's great to see this successful New Zealand comic, it's not often you see any around, so be sure to grab your copy from various book stores and comic stores around New Zealand, or online at the Faction website:

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