Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buster Vs. The Dandy

Occasionally Fleetway mentioned their rivals (The Beano and Dandy mostly) in their comics. I recently found another one from a 1991 issue of Buster. Here in a X-Ray Specs strip Carl the Creep decides not to "waste his time" on The Dandy! And yes - they actually wrote 'Dandy', which surprised me as I'd have expected them, if they were to include it, to call the comic something along the lines of 'Dondy' or 'Dundy'. I don't think D.C Thomson ever retalliated to any of Fleetway's mentions to them, I don't recall ever seeing Buster or Whizzer and Chips mentioned in The Beano or Dandy, but I could be wrong. Anyway, here is the full strip, as illustrated by Mike Lacey.

I covered a similar incident to this one last year, when Bernie Banks accidentally walked into The Beano! Here's a link:


Kid said...

Ah, good, clean, storytelling and well-drawn artwork - what's not to like? He should be drawing for The Beano.

Kid said...

George, do me a favour if you can and if you'd be so good. I have a cardboard Guy Fawkes mask from Whizzer & Chips #3, but I'm unsure if it's an original or a replica. (It seems a bit small, but perhaps I remember it as being bigger than it was.) If you've got the mask, could you measure from the highest point at the top of the head (down through the middle of the mask) to the tip of the beard and let me know the measurement? That way I can determine if mine is a ringer or not. Ta.

Lew Stringer said...

I think Mike Lacey retired many years ago.

George, the only other instance I can think of that was similar to that was an issue of The Dandy where the Jocks and Geordies walk over a copy of OINK! lying in the gutter. Not terribly subtle. This was in response to some parodies that Oink had done of DCT characters.