Saturday, September 21, 2013

Robots Take Over The Beano!

This weeks Beano arrived through my mailbox yesterday, and it had a bright, shiny silver cover. I like the silver; it adds a nice effect and looks pretty cool! The only problem is, they've ruined the cover by adding loads of unnecessary text and pictures, and it all looks like one great big mess!

Over on his blog Nigel Parkinson posted another design for the cover. I like this one far better, particularly the colours and the positioning of Dennis, but sadly it wasn't used. Still, it's nice to see.

It all improves inside though. Calamity James is back and not in reprint form, but new strips by Les Stannage. This is Les' first time in The Beano, and he has two whole pages! He has done a fantastic job of illustrating Calamity James, sticking with Tom Paterson's classic style but also adding a bit of a personal touch - it is definitely one of the highlights of the issue. Also, Minnie the Minx has a brilliant strip on the back cover and The Bash Street Kids have a hilarious visit to the swimming pools (although unfortunately their new registered trademark logo is still used, and looks awful compared to the unique and individual ones that used to appear every week, in my opinion).

All this and more for £2, out now at a store near you!


Andy Boal said...

Unfortunately it is years now since Dave drew a bespoke logo for the weekly strip!

Dave is however including an Easter Egg most weeks (although not this one!) - as well as the class mouse, Winston is hiding somewhere in the school and his eyes at least appear. Something to watch each week!

DeadSpiderEye said...

Oh nice, I like the Kirbyesque version, I'd speculate that that some caution over the depiction of destruction may have precluded its publication. I picked up the Back to School edition and, to my eyes, there was a conspicuous improvement over recent editions, so much so that I read from cover to cover about 4 times over the week. I couldn't get out today but I'm eager to pick this one up.

DeadSpiderEye said...
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DeadSpiderEye said...
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DeadSpiderEye said...

Oops sorry about that, posted the same comment three times, I hope it don't mess up your in box.

Harry Rickard said...


The Beano has seemed to recently improve after a shoddy seven weeks (since the 75th Anniversary). It's still not as good as it was before with its range of new and classic Funsize Funnies and its nice order and story-rota. Still, it looks very promising currently and I must say I enjoyed this week's issue (and last week's) a lot and I hope this is a sign that The Beano is going back to being great again as its Summer Holiday Specials were a huge let-down.