Friday, September 6, 2013

Felix Ain't A Nazi!

You can find some strange and interesting things inside old second hand comics, which were added in by one of the previous owners. I came across one recently, when I decided to buy a Chums volume from 1931 - 1932. On one of the first pages inside is an illustration of no other than Felix the Cat, followed by what is now immediately recognised today as a Nazi symbol.

It isn't a Nazi symbol of course, as before Adolf Hitler turned it into what it is now known as it was commonly seen as a good luck charm, and a symbol of peace (although according to Wikipedia Hitler started using it in 1920).

Anyway, we're not here for a history lesson (unless it's about comics of course!), so here are some of the "colour plates" from the bound volume for you to enjoy! To view them in full size, click on them, and click on them again!

My personal favourite.

Even if you're not interested in reading the countless text stories in these volumes the colour plates are great - they're all incredible painted and look absolutely fantastic and so a copy is well worth picking up! The Chums volumes come in big red chunky books, and most (if not all) of them have the same cover, shown below.

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Harry Rickard said...

That is entirely true. Before the swastika became the feared swastika, the symbol backwards meant peace. Hitler chose it as the Nazis' logo for this reason as if "backwards" meant peace, then surely "forwards" meant the opposite.