Friday, July 13, 2012

Just a Couple of Books!

As well as picking up the intresting Black Bob book I mentioned about in the previous post, the same bookshop also had a few other intresting books on it's shelves. But since I had little money on me I decided to settle for just two of them. The first is Billy Bunter's Own, published by Oxonhoath Press in 1956.
The book cost 8/6 and for your money you got 132 pages, and, apart from the covers, only one was full colour. And there no comic strips in this book, either - what you get is an excellent selection of text stories! There are seven in total, six written by Frank Richards and one by Owen Conquest, and they are all accompanied with some excellent illustrations! The artist isn't credited, but Bunter's regular artist is Charles Henry Chapman, and his signature also appears on the front cover illustration.
Charles at the drawing board!
The second book is also a text story book! I hadn't heard of this book before, and since it was associated with I comic I decided to grab it. It's title was 'The Eagle Book Of Modern Adventures' and was published in 1952 by Hulton Press Ltd.

Unlike Billy Bunter the stories inside Modern Adventures are true, and I haven't read all of them yet, but the ones I have are very exciting! There were 17 stories in total, and all for just 6/-!
The stories inside were:
  • The Wooden Horse by Eric Williams
  • The Kon-Tiki Expedition by Ronald Syme
  • Man of Mystery by Ronald Syme
  • Attack on Everest by John Nance
  • Super-Speedman by Dennis May
  • The Past Comes to Life by Ronald Syme
  • Grim Journey by A. M. McLean
  • Men Against the Atlantic by John W. R. Taylor
  • Three Thousand Feet Deep by Martin Chisholm
  • Ten Thousand Miles on Horseback by Ronald Syme
  • Special Mission of a Genius by Ronald Syme
  • Wanderlust by Duncan Hall
  • Twelve Years in the Heart of a Mountain by Ellam Hall
  • The Farthest North by Ronald Syme
  • The Forbidden Land by R. Motson Thompson
  • Round the World on a Bicycle by Bernard Newman
  • Adventure Walked Beside Him
It aslo has an excellent wraparound dustjacket!

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