Sunday, July 29, 2012

Current Projects!

There are three current projects I'm working on at the moment, and I know some of you are already aware of all of them, but I'll share them here anyway!
1. Graham's Onions

I began writing and drawing Graham's Onions several years ago, but then dropped it after episode four. However, I picked up the pencil again and have since drawn two new episodes - #5 and #6! As you may be able to tell, the whole reason I started the project was to learn the style of Ken Reid, and although I'm no way near his level of genius, I'm pretty proud with what I've done!

There is a new episode put every Friday - so if you like it make you you keep returning!

2. Whizzer and Chips

I've decided to go ahead and write a summary of every Whizzer and Chips issue produced! I'll only be including images of the stories if they're brand new or if it's a change of artist, and there will also be story summaries and scans of anything important in each issue - ad's, messages etc.

3. ERK!

For those of you who knew about my website The Nipper Index, I've now renamed it to ERK!, and am going to write character summaries etc. from lots of different titles as I go on. However, I hope to stay focused on less famous British comics, such as Nipper, Spike, Hoot etc.

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