Sunday, June 10, 2012

Football in Comics (Part 1)!

Roy of The Rovers from Tiger annual 1963.

Of course, the big theme at the moment is football - since Euro 2012 has just kicked off! Football has always been a big theme in comics, since there are just so many great stories to be written around the game! We start off with the origin of Odd Ball. This crazy sphere first appeared in Whizzer and Chips issue one from 1969, when he was kicked from the planet Bounco right into the middle of Nobby Noodle's game! Illustrated by Mike Lacey.
School Fun's Coronation Street School were to get into some footballing action, when they challenge Daffodil Avenue to a game - but don't have a team kit! Art by Colin Whittock.
Going back to 1939, the first issue of D.C. Thomson's Magic comic featured Koko the Pup kicking a ball, but a nasty guard bursts it!
This early Joker strip from Knockout in 1971 was the story of our funny lad trying to get into the stadium to watch Knockout United F.C. Obviously, things don't quite work out for him! Drawn by Sid Burgon.
This Mummy's Boy from Monster Fun is all about cunning disguises - the old 'paint your face on a ball' trick! Art by Norman Mansbridge.
You may notice that it says 'Part 1' in the title, and that's because I plan to post some more football comics - including some Hot Shot Hamish and a cartain issue of a comic with loads of football themed strips! Stay tuned!


Gabriel said...

Nice trip to the past. i especially enjoyed the one with Koko the Pup.
Sweet blog you got here; lots of material from the good ol' days to go through, especially the British stuff. Cheers!

George Shiers said...

Glad you like it! Stick around - there's loads more to come! :)