Thursday, June 21, 2012

Compal Comics Summer 2012 Results

The results for the summer auctions over on Compal Comics are up, and as always I've picked out a few highlights to share with you! First up is the obvious star of the show - a [vg] 1940 Beano book! With an estimate of £2000 - £2500, the book sold for a whopping £3630!

The first Beano comic and advertising flyer was also up on offer, but with a ripped front cover it was only valued at £650 - £750. Despite this it still fetched a healthly £849.

At lot #49 was a rare edition of Okay Comics Issue No. 6. Okay Comics were UK reprints of U.S. comics, including characters like Mutt and Jeff and Tail Spin Tommy. Okay Comics was originally printed in the U.S. and lasted weekly for 20 issues. It sold within its estimate of £20 - £30, with a final price tag of £24. Definatly one of the cheaper items in the catalouge!

Lot #100 featured some very nice Beryl the Peril artwork by her creator Davy Law! With an estimate of £600 - £700, the final price was much higher selling for a spectacular £1222! Cor!
Beryl the Peril was so popular she even got her own annual, which ran from 1959 to 1988! A [fn] copy of the first annual was up this time, with an estimate of £50 - £70. It sold just within that region, heading out to it's new owner for £69.
Another of Davy Law's creations was Dennis the Menace, who was also lucky enough to get his own annual! The first one (from 1956) in [vg] condition was thrown in with some other annuals, and sold within it's estimate for £89.
Laurel and Hardy were the stars of Film Fun, and so it's no suprise that they were used to advertise the comic! This tin sign from the early 50's was expected to sell for £100 - £150, but instead bidders rose it to an amazing £304!
Early Oor Wullie books are always collectable, and this copy from 1953 in [vg] condition was no exception, selling just over it's estimate at £330.
Smash! issue #3 with it's free gift sold for just £72, despite selling on eBay recently for over £300 - without the original comic! This just goes to show, you can never truly value comics, as they're worth different amounts to different people!
There were just 20 of the Dan Dare figures made, and No. 18 was offered at Lot No. 83. With an estimate of £350 - £450, it actually sold for £550!
Tiger issue one with half of it's original free gifts was offered up this time. With Roy of the Rovers getting discovered, this issue sold for an excellent £930!
That's all I'm highllighting from this catalouge, and the full lot can be seen over at! The next auction goes live in August, so keep your eyes peeled for any hidden treasures!

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