Friday, November 18, 2011

Winners of CCGB Awards!

Not too long ago Peter Gray commented on my post about Dave Follows winning the award for the best humour strip. He was intrested too know who won it each year. Well, I contacted the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain (who gave out the awards) who replied telling me that I should contact Mike Turner (who was chairman of the club at the time). Mike managed to find out who won it (Despite the fact the information was "...rather scattered and time consuming to track down...")

Anyway, the award went on for about 5 years. Dave won it in 1983 for the best humour strip, and there was also an award for a best humour strip in a newspaper category. Amongst winners in the latter years were 'The Perishers' by Steve Bell and Rocky Steady Eddie by Tom Johnson. The award quickly ended however because of the lack of entries, member votes and due to the dis-intrest of newspapers who did not publish the results if their paper did not feature the winning strip and so the award was gone in 1987/88.

Cheers Mike for been very helpful!

Cartoonist's Club Of Great Britain:

Mike Turner's profile can be found in the member's portfolio's section there.

Peter Gray's site:


Peter Gray said...

Its a shame it didn't catch on..also that it is hard to find out who won it over the five years..

It should be running today!

Glad you found out a bit

George Shiers said...

Yes, I agree that it should still be running. Mike was very helpful though for finding the information and I can't thank him enough! Cheers Mike!