Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stolen artwork?

Several weeks ago I pointed out to Harry Rickard about Lew Stringer's Pete's Pimple artwork being used as a logo for an iPhone/iPod Touch app. (Lew wrote a short post on it - see here:

So, as I was walking around a few shops earlier today I saw this box of pranks, which has very similar artwork to Nigel Parkinson's Dennis the Menace. Ok, so I know it's not exactly "stolen" - but surely companies who make products such as this should respect these great characters and leave them alone.

Nigel Parkinson's comment:
"It's some lazy ad agency art director tracing Dennis poses instead of bothering to create something new. Happens from time to time, always looks bad and cheap. I still have a problem with Lichenstein passing off poor copies as 'art', so I think any (mis)appropriation of someone elses work is very bad form. But legally, Dennis's trademarks are the red and black sweater and the black spiky hair which as you see they've altered."


Harry Rickard said...

That is awful! Contact Nigel immediately!

George Shiers said...

Maybe - but looking back at it I can't quite tell if it's actually Dennis the Menace edited or a completely different artist.

Harry Rickard said...

It's retraced, but the top picture of the boy leaning against the "Pranky Jokes" title is definitely Dennis.