Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some websites to check out!

A new(ish) web-comic created by Harry Rickard, Hannes Smit and Michael Saunders called Door to Door is online! And don't get worried when I say that it is newish - because it has only been online for a little while (there are 5 pages) and you still read back!Another website is The Beano Review Review. Please, BEFORE you go and read this website read a few posts on The Beano Review (if you heven't already) otherwise this blog will make absolutley NO sense too you!

And now Klank comic created by Rick Eades is a good website to check out. I'm not going to reveal too much - but here's a pic from the blog:

And finally Duckgogo! 'Nuff said!

These websites will be added to the links list for you too check out!

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