Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Big One!

Before I get too carried off yapping on about a comic of which I have only one issue of, I thought I'd better put the facts out there first. Now, I was searching on Google the other day for some more information on Big One comic, and it seems that there is hardly any there! So I hope if anybody is after info on it that they find this! First of all, Big one was an experiment comic published by IPC and each page was just smaller that A2 (and I'm not talking about leaves, I mean each individual page!)It was launched on 17th October 1964 and ran for 19 issues, meaning that it ended on 20th Febuary 1965. It did have a 'Big One Birthday Club', just like Buster did at the same time! It was 100% reprints - save for Big One himself, drawn by Reg Parlett. Smiler was always on the front cover except for the last issue, which featured Big One. It had 1 Fireworks issue and one christmas issue. The first issue came with a free toffe bar, of which I'm guessing none exist any more. There was also a four page (?) flyer to advertise the Big One, as "Britain's Biggest Comic", the flyer was the same size as the comic itself.
Unfortunatly, I know little more of the comic, but I do have the last issue, so I hope that the photos I have taken will be of intrest to you, as this could be one of the last, and best condition, of it's kind.

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Mike said...

I wanted to do an A3 sized comic once, then thought printers that can print A2 can usually go up to A0, who why not do an A2 sized giant comic? (A1 would just be silly XD). THEN I saw the prices of those printers though, even second hand ones are several thousand, and they only use ink that needs replacing regularly and a set of those is a few hundred. Sooo maybe not.