Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This weeks Beano, #3586

On the cover Dennis the Menace was winning against a team with no goalie. To me, it felt as thought the comic itself had no goalie. There were 5 pages of non-beano related adverts (four were the same adverts as the Dandy, and on the same pages, see previous post.). A not very funny Meebo and Zuky. Other bad things included; The Bash Street kids pull out, Freds Foul Facts (which, according to the cover, is NEW!), Rogers dodge diary and only one page of Retro Beano (A classic and funny story, non-the-less).

Apart from those few things, it was a good issue.

An old Dennis the menace story-line with a modern day twist (sort of), yet more outstanding artwork from the hands of Ken Harrison with Minnie the Minx, and a funny Gnashers Bite (see below image).

Surely that sums up this issue!?

No? Okay, Meebo and Zuky have a new background (which is of the pair stuffing bombs down each others throats, and things like that). Kevin the (pet) pebble made another STAR appearence in the Bash street kids (which was brilliant, except for the old joke in the last box...). The RATZ artwork by Hunt Emerson this week wasn't good, it was incredible! - My favourite box (including title box)was No 6 (with the dark figures against the red background)! Overall then, this is one of the Beano's better issues, despite the adverts. So buy it or I'll make you do something bad. You've heard of Jedward, right? ___________ Beano #3568 - only £1.50, out now!

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