Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ARRRRRR!!!!!!! Pirates of the Caribeano!

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this weeks Beano MORE than the Dandy (for the first time since the Dandy revamp)! Maybe it was Barrie Appleby's amazing Dennis the Menace artwork, or Ken H. Harrison's Minnie the Minx (with the striped background, or even the 50's "As the bell rings stories"! Another enjoyable bit is a whole page of Gnasher! A bit like Gnasher's Tale, Gnasher bit(e) shows a story from his point of view, and this week with quite a funny ending! An amazing way to finish off the comic. I enjoyed all of these, but of course, a brilliant comic always has a down-side.

First of all, I didn't quite understand the Ratz story, but never mind. The artwork was good. Also, with the Bash street Kids pullout, it isn't a pull-out. It just isnt. Just because you've got readers drawings on page 15 and jokes on page 18, does not make it a pull-out. It's been on the centre pages for years and so technically it's always been a pull-out. Freds foul facts (which I find is ok) and Roger's Dodge Diary (possibly a modern day version of Roger's Dodge Clinic) aren't going down well with the readers. Maybe Sterling will replace them with something else, maybe even a new character! Who knows? On the other hand this weeks Dandy was good, but some parts were boring and pointless. Ok, so Kid Cops, Justin Beaver and George vs Dragon were good, I found that the Supervision Song contest voting cards and Eurovision Wrong contest were boooooooring! Bananaman wasn't brilliant this week either.

I think I'll just leave it at that.

Ok, I'm going to start blogging normally again as from my next blog, which will be a review on The Beano 3D Annual.

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