Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Rarest Beano From 2005

The rare original edition of Beano #3260, featuring the controversial Ball Boy strip.

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I last posted anything on here but as I was surfing the web I came across something completely new to me that I had to share. Issue #3260 of The Beano was printed twice, with the first print run (of apparently 200,000 copies) almost completely destroyed due to a character in the Ball Boy strip. Here's Malcolm Phillips' description of the issue:

"All 200,000 distribution copies of the original Beano 3260 were destroyed. The "Henry Thierry" character featured in the comic's regular Ball Boy strip bore many resemblances to the Arsenal player. He was French, had a shaved head and wore a red football strip. In the story, the character was sent off during a match and takes an early bath. He also says ‘Va-va-voom’! Editor, Euan Kerr, said at the time: 'In the cold light of day, we felt it might cause offence and we did not want to do that so the issue was reprinted with a replacement cartoon strip'. Only a few copies were retained by DC Thomson for reference."

I've no idea what the replacement strip was so if anybody has a copy of the published issue please let me know and satisfy my curiosity! 

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