Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Special Advertisements

I've been looking at a few summer specials over the past months so today I thought I'd do something slightly different and look at the advertisements for various specials. We start off by heading back to 1980 - the 3rd of May to be precise, and take a look inside that week's issue of Jackpot, which contained this nice ad for that year's Krazy Summer Special.

Come forwards 364 days to the Jackpot dated 2nd May 1981, and you may be surprised to hear that it contains no less than three ads for summer specials! The first two of those, the Buster and Monster Fun and Cor specials, share a page...

...with the ad for the penultimate Frankie Stein special appearing later in the comic.

Moving away from Jackpot let's head back to 1968. On this cover of this July edition of The Beano the cover star, Biffo the Bear, rushes around trying to get that year's special.

There was a similar cover a year later.

And here's a half-page ad for the 1970 Twinkle and Beano specials.

Come forwards to the Whizzer and Chips of '76 and here's an ad for the one and only Vulcan special.

Back (or should that be forwards) to 1980 and we find an ad for that year's Beezer special in the pages of Nutty.

And finally, I'll wrap up this post with a half-page ad for the second Action special, found in Krazy comic dated 2nd July 1977.

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Ian M said...

Thanks for posting the July 1968 Beano front cover George, I can remember that Biffo story, and also the cover of the Summer Special that year. Amazing how after nearly half a century, seeing these images once again can really trigger the memory cells!

The Summer Specials really did go nicely with the holiday or the trip to the beach!