Friday, March 28, 2014

Joker's Missing Gift

The cover advertising the replacement gift. Does this mean
that there is a Whizzer and Chips front cover that was never seen?

The issue of Whizzer and Chips dated 8th March 1975 came with a free Superjet Joke Camera. A great promotional piece - except that it was actually supposed to come with Joker's Plate-Wobbler. The editor claims that there was simply a delay but no plate wobbler was ever given away in the title's run so I suspect they simply ordered it wrong or got an incorrect delivery. That week also came with part one of the Slippy Measuring Chart, which was given away as a pull-out on the center pages over four weeks. The Sid's Snake strip below the letter advertises this poster.

The replacement gift for the plate wobbler was, as the name states, a joke camera that squirted water when you pressed the button to pretend to take a photo.

Joker used the intended free gift in his strip on the back page. If you look closely you can see that a few words have been wiped out in several panels. I suspect the words "free gift" or something similar have been poorly erased from the top right panel.

Art by Sid Burgon.


Kid said...

Stories were usually prepared up to eight weeks ahead and the comic published a week before the date on the cover (that date being the week after it went on sale), so at least they had enough time to delete a few words and substitute a new cover.

Raven said...

Well, I suppose those plate wobblers ended up being given free in issue 1 of Monster Fun, three months later, instead.