Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dan Dare - The Card Game Of The Future

Today at a local market I came across a retro store and one of the items they were selling was the Dan Dare card game, a high quality reproduction of the original Dan Dare card game made in 1953.

The cards aren't a Dan Dare variation of a standard pack of playing cards with the picture cards instead featuring Dan Dare characters, but are a unique game made up of 44 picture cards. I won't show all the cards here but they all feature stunning artwork, some repeated several times throughout the pack. Here are the first ten.

The company, Retro Range Toys and Games, have also reproduced the Dan Dare Planet Gun and the Dan Dare Walkie Talkie. Originals usually sell for a small fortune so although I don't know the price I imagine they're an affordable way to get the toys. The can be found in various retro-style stores and I'm sure they're available online too (although Retro Range themselves don't have a website).


Kid said...

I'm not so wild about the card game, but I'd like that planet gun and walkie talkie.

Right, I'm off to your Dandy post to see how that's progressing. Must be a record for you, comments-wise, eh, George?

George Shiers said...

It sure is - but it seems to be getting off topic unfortunately.

Kid said...

I, for one, do try to stay on topic, George, but when someone misrepresents what I've said, I feel obliged to set the record straight. If only people would stick to the facts.