Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eagle Eye - In France!

It may be little known to anybody in the U.K but Eagle Eye, another of Leo Baxendale's fantastic creations, who originally appeared in Wham was reprinted across the channel in France.

What a page!

Although I can't read French the artwork is still good to see all in one place and I think it's long overdue that the stories are printed here in the U.K, along with other classic comic strips. 

On the topic of Leo Baxendale in France I also recently discovered that his creation Willy the Kid had some strips appear in a French publication called Eppo, and that these particular strips were fresh to the paper and have never seen the light of day in English. Unfortunately I couldn't find the complete strips (but I am tracking down issues of Eppo) but somebody has been good enough to scan almost 250 of the French Eagle Eye (where he has been renamed to Archibald Razmott) strips, all available in one convenient location. Please click the link below to go there!


Kid said...

It may be possible that Leo has made those strips available through Reaper Books, so it might be worth checking out. (There's a link in the sidebar of my blog.) Also, it couldn't hurt to ask him if he has any plans on making them available if they aren't already.

Lew Stringer said...

Eppo was a Dutch comic, George. I have some of the issues with the new Willy the Kid strips in. I'll see if I can find them when I have time.

George Shiers said...

@Kid - It would be great to see them reprinted in English, as with many other things that are long overdue for a reprint.

@Lew - Well if you can find them I'm sure it would make a very interesting post!