Monday, September 10, 2012

Compal Comics Autumn 2012 Results

As usual, I'll be covering the results of some of the auctions which featured in the latest Compal Comics auction. At lot #6 was the first 72 issues of Modern Wonder, which was a sci-fi magazine with amazing cutaway illustrations! With an estimate of £80 - £120, the set sold for £319!

With a profesionally restored spine and two childrens doodles inside this first Dandy annual appeared at lot #18 in vg condition. It beat its estimate of £450 - £500, selling for £544.

Lot #52 featured a complete year of 1953 Beano comics. 1953 was a very important year for the comic, as it was the year that introduced Roger the Dodger, Little Plum and Minnie the Minx. It completely smashed the estimate of £300 - £400, selling for a cracking £661!

This fine copy of the 1956 Beano book sold for £121, almost doubling the high end of its estimate of £45 - £65.

A near complete year of the Dandy from 1954 was offered, with just one issue breaking its run! With an estimate of £250 - £300, the collection in fine- condition sold for £786!

This fine condition Beezer book from 1958 sold for a whopping £181, well over double the estimate! 

At lot #60 was a vg- copy of Topper #1, with characters such as Micky the Monkey and Beryl the Peril the issue sold for £333!

A tinplate advertisment for Comet featuring Kit Karson had an estimate of £150 - £200, selling for a little over the estimate at £212.

The rare Eagle promotional comic was offered at lot #86. This comic was given away in advance of the actual first issue to see what kids would think of it, and is of course very rare! In very fine condition it flew away to £1089!

A bunch of early TV21 comics were offered, all vg - vfn condition. The first issue with the free gift sold for £177, with the following issues around £40 - £50 each.

The last item in the catalouge was a bound volume of Scream comic with the free gift from #2 and all the summer specials. Scream was banned after just15 issues because it was considered too scary for kids, and so is of course very collectable! With an estimate of £60 - £80, the auction closed at £157. 

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