Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Willy the Kid badges (again!)

I have written about the Willy the Kid badges before (link here) and am pleased to say that, only 10 years later, I have finally completed my set with the badge 'Willy the Kid a bit of a twit'! I do, however, have one question about them: does anybody know the order?

Before he passed away in 2017 I did speak several times with Willy's creator Leo Baxendale. Although he confirmed no badge was made for the special edition book in 2002, titled The Worst of Willy the Kid, I foolishly neglected to ask him about the order. Oops. So if you know, please do comment.

In some personal news, I have recently moved from New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia! Before I left NZ I did take a few photos of some comics I want to cover so do stay tuned for that. Sadly I had to leave my comic collection behind. I still own them, but 2600km or so doesn't exactly make them accessible. Til next time (very soon)!

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